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Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU)


  • To commercialise technologies developed by CIBA.
  • Develop and encourage entrepreneurs by providing business support services.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to commercialise business ideas utilizing the R&D back up of the institutes, with special emphasis to women entrepreneurs..
  • To raise technology & knowledge based enterprises in the area of seed production, feed technology and value added products for sustainable business promotion for entrepreneurs.
  • Develop network with relevant academic & business development institutes.


  • Promotion of business through commercialization of technology
  • Incubation of small and medium enterprise to develop aqua-business
  • Skill development of entrepreneurs
  • Development of bankable projects for entrepreneurs
  • Consultancy services to the industry, NGO, etc
  • One-stop-center for technology exposure to the entrepreneurs, industry


Consultancy services

We provide consultancy services on aquaculture, aquatic disease diagnostics, fish nutrition and environmental assessments as per ICAR guidelines. Major areas of consultancy services provided by us are:

 Analytical Services

State of the art analytical facilities and services are available for conducting advanced level of health, nutrition and environmental studies. Some of the analytical services that could be obtained on a specific request are:

  • Analyses of water and soil quality parameters.
  • Analyses of shrimp / fish feed and their ingredients
  • Microbiological and pathological analyses of shrimp / fish tissue samples

Business Support Services

Registered Members will be offered the following services at nominal rates

  • Discussion on marketing, technology transfer and other business development and service support issues with ITMU Personnel and CIBA Scientific staff.
  • Communication on seminars, workshops, training camps, Business Meets & Industry Interface programmes.
  • Interaction meetings with scientists and technologists on specific issues.
  • Visit to lab and farm facilities available with CIBA
  • Professional consultancy on CIBA technologies
  • Professional Consultancy on Aqua business and IPR issues
  • Access to Incubator labs and Library.
  • Access to internet, phone, fax facilities for official purposes.


IPR Related Services

Intellectual property rights provide legal protection for innovations from research and development. IP protection also supports business development that will help to create value for ideas and innovations to succeed.

  • Filing and follow-up of patent applications
  • Registration of Trademark
  • Registration of Design
  • Copyright registration

Seed production & Integrated aqua-farming

  • Seabass hatchery technology for seed production
  • Hapa based nursery rearing for Asian seabass Lates calcarifer
  • Modular system based seed production technology of Pearlspot
  • Technology of Low volume cage culture of Asian seabass
  • Seed production technology for Brackishwater ornamental fishes Spotted scat Scatophagus argus
  • Hatchery technology for seed production of milkfish Chanos chanos
  • Crab fattening
  • Indian white shrimp (Penaeus indicus) Indian white shrimp farming technology & propagation
  • Biofloc based shrimp nursery technology

 Feed formulations & Feed supplements

  • Indigenous shrimp feed technology
  • Cost-effective desi shrimp feed: vanami plus
  • Shrimp larval feed - shrimp larvi plus
  • Finfish poly culture feed- poly plus
  • Sea bass growout feed – Seebass plus
  • Kalor fish Plus

Products & Kits - Environment & Health

  • Kit for the analysis of ammonia and nitrite in brackishwater
  • Biosorbent for removal of heavy metals
  • Water quality test test kit ( pH & DO )
  • Lumi Phage
  • Matrix for immobilization and imaging of bacteria
  • CIBAMOX-Water probiotic
  • Immunodot technology for detection of WSSV
  • Molecular kit for detection of chemolithoautotrophic bacteria
  • Improved PCR Kit For Diagnosis of White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV)
  • Enterocytozoon Hepatopenaei (EHP) Nested PCR Kit
  • CMH Mineral Kit
  • β Nova VNN diagnostic kit
  • Nested PCR kit for detection of the microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei(EHP) in shrimp

 Development of Business Proposals

  • Business Plan assistance
  • Business Incubation support
  • Networking linkages
  • Detailed Project Report


  • Access to our business incubator to get high quality infra structure facilities at a very affordable cost. We also provide business support to benefit entrepreneurs from ITMU & ABI at CIBA, Chennai. This unit provides the companies an access to data resources, experts and mentor panel.

Office Facilities

  • Fully furnished Incubation Office
  • Computers with Printer
  • Internet and Telefax facilities

Staff Details

Dr. P.K. Patil, Principal Scientist & Officer-In-Charge: ITMU
Dr.K.P. Kumaraguru vasagam, Principal Scientist, CCD
Dr. T. Ravisankar, Principal Scientist, SSD

Divisional Members

Dr. R. Geetha,  SSD
Dr. T.N.Vinay, CCD
Dr. Raymond Jani Angel, NGBD (Genetics)
Dr. K.P. Sandeep, NGBD (Nutrition)
Shri Dani Thomas, FCD

Patents granted

S.No.Date of filingApp. No.Title of the InventionInventorsApplication Status


368/CHE/2006Product from lignocellulosic waste for the remediation of water contaminated with heavy metals.Dr. K.K. Krishnani and Dr.B.P.Gupta, Dr.P.Ravichandran

Granted, Patent No. 256424

Granted on 14.06.2013

206/04/2006633/CHE/2006Immobilizing matrix from bagasse for bacterial biomass and a process for preparation thereof.Dr. K.K. Krishnani, Dr.I.S.Azad, Dr.B.P.Gupta, Dr.M.Shashi Shekhar, Dr.P. RavichandranGranted, Patent No. 256572

Granted on 03.07.2013

302/03/2006369/CHE/2006Method for maximum percent recovery and detection of organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides together from Brackishwater/coastal waterDr. K.K. Krishnani, Dr.Baijnath Prasad GuptaGranted, Patent No. 266905 Granted on 15.06.2015
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Granted on 06.03.19

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811/02/2011347/DEL/2011Development of an assay and kit for molecular screening of Betanodavirus by nested reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (nested RT-PCR).Dr.K.P. Jithendran and Sh.CP. Binesh

Granted Application, Patent Number :315677 on 09/07/2019


915.05.20132152/CHE/2013A process for imaging bacteria using immobilizing matrix from bagasseDr. K.K. Krishnani, Dr.I.S.Azad, Dr.B.P.Gupta, Dr.M.Shashi Shekhar, Dr.P. RavichandranPatent No.338643

Granted 17/06/2020



Modular system and method for getting repeated spawning and higher fry production in pearlspot fishDr. K.K. Vijayan, Dr. K.P. Kumaraguru vasagam, Dr. K. Ambasankar, Dr. Krishna Sukumaran, Dr. J. Syamadayal,        Dr. M. Kailasam, Mr. S. BalachandranPatent No.344940

Granted 25/08/2020

 Copyrights granted

S.No.Date o filing   App. No.Title of the InventionInventorsApplication Status
110.11.2009SoftwareSoftware for the estimation of carrying capacity of water body for shrimp farming version 1.0Dr.M.MuralidharGranted, No. SW-4460/2010

Granted on 07/04/2010



                                                          Trademark2 Registered

S.No.Date of filing   App. No.Title of the InventionRegistered byApplication Status
105.02.20152893376CIBASTIMICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater AquacultureGranted, No. 1322769

Dated  29/08/2016

230/12/20142871665ICAR-CIBAICAR-Central Institute of Brackishwater AquacultureGranted, No. 1875170

Dated  31/05/2018

Pending applications

Patent applications of CIBA 

1.02/03/2006370/CHE/2006A method of fish disease diagnosis using rabbit anti-mullet (RAM) serum to detect fish antibodies in different Brackishwater fish and its applications thereof.Dr. I.S. Azad and Dr. M. PoornimaAbandoned
2.20th March 2018201841010229Bacteriophage consortium for biocontrol of luminescent vibrios in shrimp aquaculture’ 

Shankar V Alavandi, Sanjeevi Thiyagarajan, Bagthasingh, Chrisolite, Satheesha Avunje, Vidya Rajendran, Sujeet Kumar, Baskaran, Viswanathan, Annasab S, Chougala, K K Vijayan

Provisional specification No. 201841010229 dtd. March 20, 2018 Patent pending
3.20th March 2018201841010230Microbial consortia for removal of toxic nitrogenous metabolites in

brackishwater aquaculture

Prasanna Kumar Patil, N Dineshkumar, M Leo Antony, Satheesha Avunje, N Lalitha, Shankar V Alavandi, K K Vijayan

Provisional specification No. 201841010230 dtd. March 20, 2018

Patent pending

4.13March, 2019201941009741Fish remnant hydrolysate as plankton booster in               aquaculture’


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5.29 January 2020202041003962‘Hormone pellet implant formulation and methodology for inducing maturation and spawning in milkfish (Chanos chanos)’


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