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To evaluate the efficiency of different microalgae in larval rearing of Indian white shrimp, Penaeus indicus, three different microalgae: Tetraselmis sp., Chaetoceros gracilis and Thalassiosira weissflogii were fed to the shrimp larvae either individually or in combination of two (1:1). The experiment showed that the survival, growth and stage conversion rate were significantly (p <  0.05) higher in combination of T. weissflogiiTetraselmis sp. followed by T. weissflogiiCgracilis. Further, significantly faster conversion rate was found in the treatment fed with combination diet (T. weissflogiiTetraselmis and T. weissflogiiCgracilis). The growth kinetics of three algae revealed that Tweissflogii had better growth potential than other two algae. The nutrient profiles of three microalgae also underline the nutritional superiority of Tweissflogii in terms of lipid, protein and essential fatty acids (EFA) over the others. Moreover, Tweissflogii showed better antimicrobial properties compared to other algae.