February 24, 2020
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Broodstock Development of Grey mullet


The focus of this programme was to develop a viable land based captive broodstock of grey mullet Mugil cephalus. During the current year a total of 180 broodstock (0.25 - 1.5 kg) were developed and maintained in the RCC tanks and ponds.   The broodstock included fi sh collected from wild and farm reared stock.   Fishes from the wild caught in the vicinity of Muttukkadu and Kovalam were procured and transported   under mild sedation, in   polythene bags in order to   avoid fast movement and hence injury to the fi shes.   The wild collection was mainly during the months of November, February - March. Fishes were fed a  formulated feed @ 5% of body weight twice in a day. The composition of   the   feed was - dried fi sh (Anchoviella sp.) (15%), soya cake (17%), ground nut cake (20%),            cotton seed cake (5%), alfalfa (5%), wheat fl our (15%), maida (2.5%), wheat bran (14.3%), fi sh oil, binder, minerals, vitamins and other additives such as yeast, lecithin and _.-tocopherol.  Water exchange @ 80% daily was carried out. Broodstock tanks were cleaned once in three days and water quality was regularly monitored.   Captive broodstock fi shes were regularly monitored for health status.   As a prophylactic treatment protocol, 100 ppm formalin for one hour was given at monthly intervals which was found to be effective in controlling parasitic infestations, mainly due to Caligus spp.