February 24, 2020
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Genotyping of WSSV

As data available on the WSSV genotypes prevalent in India is scanty, this study was undertaken to know the WSSV genotypes in India as part of  a  larger objective of using the variable number tandem repeats (VNTRs) of WSSV as markers for identifi cation of virulence factors.  The work was initiated during the previous year with genotyping of WSSV based on ORF 94.   In the current year, in order to know further VNTR diversity, the study was extended to ORF 125 and 75 regions of the WSSV genome. The PCR protocols were optimized with  different  published  primers  for  these  regions and it yielded different PCR amplicons of variable number tandem repeats These results indicate prevalence of variant WSSV strains in different hosts and different viral strains in each location. The PCR products were purifi ed for sequencing the respective VNTR regions and analysis of this would indicate if there is a distinct geographical distribution of WSSV isolates.