February 24, 2020
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Crab fattening by self help groups in Orissa

The objective of this study was to develop strategies for gender empowerment through suitable brackishwater aquaculture in Orissa. The project was conducted in collaboration with the Directorate of Research on Women in Agriculture (DRWA), Bhubaneswar. Crab fattening in ponds was successfully carried out by 10 women SHGs and 5 men SHGs in Mahensa village, Nuapada, Puri. It was carried out in ponds (1-5 ha) 3 times/year with crabs purchased from the markets of Balugaon. The duration of each fattening cycle was 30 days and the profi t realized from each cycle was Rs. 4000/- pond. The farmers received fi nancial support from DRWA, National Institute of Ocean Technology and Chilka Lake Development Authority. Their success was due to good community/family/ NGO and research institutional support and their positive attitude towards the adoption of brackishwater aquaculture technologies.