February 24, 2020
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Periphyton based shrimp farming

Periphyton is a significant and dominant contributor to primary production, especially in shallow waters. As shrimp in their natural habitats prefer to forage on   micro invertebrates and zooplankton, periphyton can form an excellent source of natural food, apart from improving diversity of benthic fauna in confi ned culture systems. To evaluate a periphyton based farming system for Penaeus monodon, a yard experiment was conducted for a period of 75 days in 100 l tanks in triplicate with and without (control) bamboo substrates. Daily, both the groups received CIBA feed containing 32% protein at @ 6-10 %.  The salinity during the experiment was 10 ppt and water exchange of 20 % was carried out thrice a week. A signifi cantly (P < 0.05) higher growth was observed in treatment group (4.12g) compared to control (2.89g).  Further, it was observed that  the treatment group had a higher survival rate, better   water quality   and a  higher microbial load in the gut of animals. Based on these results, it was proposed to test periphyton as a additional factor in the protocol standardized for low input shrimp organic farming in ponds