February 24, 2020
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Organic shrimp farming technology

Low input shrimp farming based on organic principles with low stocking and using all organic inputs was successfully carried out in three year fi eld trials with P. monodon and the technology developed is summarised below. This Low Input Low Cost (LILC) farming with 6 pc/sq m stocking yielded better growth rate (Final ABW >30g). Besides an improvement in the quality of shrimps, the   production range was higher at 1289-1308 kg/ha/crop. There was a substantial gain in production level (14-21 %), size at harvest (10-19 %) and   better FCR (lowered by 4-18 %) in LILC ponds by practicing the  organic mode of farming compared to conventional farming.In the low input low cost farming system following organic principles developed by   the institute,   the production cost was Rs. 135-140/ kg of shrimp compared to a higher production cost of Rs 165-170/ kg in conventional farming systems.