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Brief profile:

After completing masters in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry from TNAU in 1996 and PhD in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry from TNAU in 2003, I am working in CIBA since 2003 (1998 to 2003 in CSWCRTI, Dehradun). I currently work in Environment section of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division in CIBA. I have worked on nutrient dynamics, nitrogen budgeting, 15N tracer studies, soil-water interface, water budgeting, carbon sequestration in pond sediment and used as agriculture manure, aquaculture disused ponds and anti-bacterial properties of nano particles. I have contributed to developing management practices for soil and water quality management, nutrient budgeting, and 15N tracer studies. I have interests in nano technology, soil profiling and application of cutting edge technologies in aquaculture.

Research areas:

  • Chemistry of water, soil and at sediment-water interface
  • Nutrient dynamics and budgeting in aquaculture
  • Tracer studies (15N)
  • Nano science & Nanotechnology
  • Climate change related with aquaculture

Current Research Projects:

NoTitleFunded By
1Development of water and soil health card for environmental management of Brackishwater aquaculture systemsInstitute
2National innovations in Climate Resilient AgricultureICAR
3All India Network Project on Fish HealthICAR

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Saraswathy. R. Ms. Dr

Designation: Principal Scientist
Discipline: Soil Science - Pedology
Division: Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division
Specialization: Soil Science

Contact Me

Phone: +91- 044 - 24618817 Ext:114
Fax: +91- 044 - 24610311
Email: saraswati@ciba.res.in,