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The Institute’s Library caters to the needs of Scientific community with its holdings covering the various disciplines of aquaculture and fisheries, viz., shrimp and fish grow-out culture technology, hatchery technology, physiology, nutrition, biotechnology, genetics, pathology, aquaculture engineering, pollution, toxicology, socio-economics and extension.

Bonafide students of academic institute are permitted to utilize the library services on production of copy of Identity proof along with a request duly recommended by the guide/head of the department.

The library holding amounts to 22,000 collections covering 2,300 reference books, 2,750 Numbers of Journal Back Volumes, 700 Numbers of reprints and photocopies, 4,500 Numbers of Reports / Bulletins and 7,500 numbers of miscellaneous publications, 500 numbers of Hindi Books ,35 Numbers PhDthesis and 50 Numbers CD-ROMs.

Library Catalogue (OPAC)

Library Staff

Shri.R. Elankovan, Chief Technical Officer & Officer-in-Charge, Library & Documentation

I. Exchange services

The library maintains regular exchange services with national and international organisations of mutual interest. Institute’s Annual reports and other research publications are being sent to various research organisations, Universities and other agencies and the library also receives similar publications from them.

II. Information services

The library also runs information service to the Scientists and Staff of the Institute as well as to the Scientific personnel from other organisations, Universities, research scholars, students and individuals through reference of books and journals. The section provides reprographic services to the scientists as and when needed.

III. List of Journals Subscribed by the Library

The library has the subscription for 9 International and 15 Indian journals for the year 2016. Click here for journal list

IV. Implementation of NATP – Library sub project

A Sub – Project on Library Information System under the Information system Development of the Organization and Management Reforms component of the National Agricultural Technology Project (NATP) was implemented during the year 200 -03 and 2003-04 by the Library & Documentation Section of CIBA. The following items were procured and installed in the Library.


Digitization of institute’ publications: Digitization of Institute’s publications, from 1986 to 2009, such as the Annual Reports, Bulletins, Special Publications on Seminars, Workshops, training manuals, extension publications and other miscellaneous publications have been digitized and two CD-ROM Discs have been brought out. All the research publications of the Institute are now available in one place in the form of CD-ROMs which can be browsed by the scientists.

V. Automation of library:
Automation of library activities was completed for the whole library holdings and circulation facility (issue and receipt) during the year 2006. A library management software namely Libsys – LS Ease has been installed for the retrospective conversion of library holdings and also management of the library activities.

Institutional membership The Institute Library has Institutional membership for the Libraries in IIT, CLRI, Anna University and Madras University enabling the provision to use these libraries also for borrowing reference books by the CIBA scientists, research scholars and students.