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Kakdwip Research Centre


The Kakdwip Research Centre of CIBA considered as an important landmark of Kakdwip, is engaged in the development of culture technologies for crustaceans and finfish. The centre is fully engaged in research and technology development for the benefits of brackishwater aquaculture farmers with special reference to Eastern India. Kakdwip located 91 km from Kolkata and 43 km from Diamond Harbour. Kakdwip is considered as one of the most important areas of Sundarban and is highly suitable for brackishwater aquaculture due to the abundance of saline water. The Kakdwip Research Centre has a total area of 13.57 ha and the water spread area is about 4.5 ha. The farm is divided into three sectors viz., Sector A (3.85 ha), Sector B (4.86 ha) and Sector C (4.86 ha). Sector A has 22 ponds with 2.53 ha pond area. There are 8 ponds in Sector B and the total water area is about 1.97 ha. C-sector farm is designed as a model integrated farm with two reservoirs, 9 culture ponds of 1500 sq m each and one integrated pond with 3000 sq m area. The centre has been carrying out the pond culture of almost all potential brackishwater animals. Kakdwip Research Centre is fully equipped with three states of art laboratories for routine soil & water quality analyses, finfish & shrimp disease diagnosis and fish feed quality analysis. The centre is having a feed mill facility with a production capacity of 1 ton per hour. Internet Connectivity of 6 Mbps is provided through high speed .leased line optic fibre cable. The centre also plays a pivotal role in imparting training to farmers and entrepreneurs on different aspects of brackishwater aquaculture. .

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