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Crustacean Culture Division

Research thematic areas

Captive broodstock development, domestication, and seed production of commercially important native Penaeid shrimps: Indian White Shrimp (Penaeus indicus), Kuruma Shrimp (Penaeus japonicus).


                 Penaeus japonicus                                                     Penaeus indicus

Penaeus japonicus

Development of sustainable farming technologies for increasing the production efficiency of farmed crustaceans (Shrimps and Mudcrab).

Scientific shrimp farm                                                       IMTA model farm                                                   Mud crab polyculture farm


Mudcrab nursery rearing farm

Diversification of production systems in tune with species abundance, hydro and agro-climatic conditions for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture

Biofloc nursery

Biofloc nursery reared shrimp

Organic Shrimp pond

Development culture technology for functional live feeds such as polychaete (Perinereis sp., Nemalycastis sp., and Marphysa sp), Artemia, and Copepods (cyclopoid copepod Dioithona sp. and cladoceran copepod Eurycercus berinji).

Harvested polychaete

 Adult Artemia








Live feed copepod

Aquaculture planning using geospatial technology, watershed approach, design and development of non-conventional energy appliances for farm/hatchery mechanization, and climate change impact assessment vis-à-vis brackishwater aquaculture resources.

Solar feeder

Development of technology package for seaweed farming in brackishwaters.

Seaweed farming

  • Doctoral research programmes and capacity enhancement of stakeholders.
  • Technology commercialization and Provision of consultancy services.
Research projects – in operation
No Title Funded By Period
1 Novel approaches for technology refinement and up scaling of diversified systems and species of shrimp for sustainable development ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
2 Breeding biology, reproductive challenges, and larviculture of candidate crustacean species for brackishwater aquaculture ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
3 Technological backstopping and promotion of sustainable aquaculture in west coast with particular reference to the state Gujrat. ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
4 Coastal watershed based surface and subsurface salinity mapping and modelling of Thiruvallur and Kanchipuram districts, Tamil Nadu for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture. NABARD 2019-2022
Research projects – completed recently
No Title Funded By Period
1 Evaluation and refinement of indigenous automatic feed dispenser for shrimp farming (National Fisheries Development Board). NFDB, Govt. of India 2016-2019
2 Seaweeds for bioremediation in Recirculatory Aquaculture system (Water technology initiative  Department of Science and Technology-WTI-DST) WTI-DST Govt. of India 2015-2019
3 Technology up-gradation and refinement for sustainable development of diversified systems and species of Penaeid shrimp ICAR-CIBA 2015-2018
4 Issues in biology, reproduction, larval rearing of candidate crustacean species for brackish water aquaculture ICAR-CIBA 2015-2018
5 Upgradation of Breeding and Culture Technology of Indian White Shrimp Penaeus indicus through stock evaluation and culture Demonstration (Multi- disciplinary Project) NFDB (Rs.203 lakhs) 2014-2018
6 Healthy shrimp and ‘gift’ tilapia production through bio-floc based farming system: Development of technology and standard operating procedure (Multi-Institutional Project involving ICAR-CIBA and TNJFU, TN) Department of Biotech. (Govt. of India) (Rs.161 lakhs) 2016-2019

Multi-species shrimp hatchery, Muttukadu Experimental Station- ICAR-CIBA

  • Experimental native shrimp hatchery of India
  • Production capacity-10 million / year
  • Species produced are
    • Indian white shrimp (Penaeus indicus)
    • Kuruma shrimp (Penaeus japonicus )
    • Banana shrimp (Penaeus merguiensis)
    • Metapenaeus sp. Like monoceros ,M.dobsonii
  • Shellfish biology laboratory


Scientist Team