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Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division


Research thematic areas

Surveillance for aquatic animal diseases with special reference to brackishwater aquaculture.





                                                Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in shrimp



           Tilapia lake virus in fish                                                                    Argulus quadristriatus  in seabass

Research on various aspects of prophylactics and therapeutics of brackishwater aquatic animal diseases.

RT-PCR based diagnostic kits for EHP in shrimp

Improved WSSV – RT- PCR diagnostic kit

CIBAMOX – a microbial product to reduce ammonia and nitrite problems

CIBA-PARACIDE for treatment of parasitic infestations in food and ornamental fishes

CIBA-LUMIPHAGE, a novel therapeutics for bacterial diseases in shrimp larvae.

CIBA indigenous vaccine NodavacR for viral nervous necrosis (VNN) in fish

Capacity enhancement of stakeholders

Research projects – in operation
No Title Funded By Period
1 Investigation of existing/emerging diseases in candidate brackishwater species and development of preventive/treatment strategies for effective management ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
2 National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases – Surveillance of brackishwater finfish and shell fish diseases in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh NFDB-Ministry of Fisheries, Govt. of India 2021-2024
3 National Surveillance Programme for Aquatic Animal Diseases – National Referral Laboratory for brackishwater finfish and shellfish NFDB-Ministry of Fisheries, Govt. of India 2021-2024
4 Network Project on Anti-microbial resistance ICAR-Consortium of Network programme 2021-2024
5 All India Network Project on fish health ICAR-Consortium of Network programme 2021-2024
6 Development of diagnostics and vaccines for sustainable aquaculture ICAR-Consortium of Network programme 2021-2024
Research projects – completed recently
No Title Funded By Period
1 Prevention and management strategies for viral, microbial diseases of candidate species in brackishwater aquaculture. ICAR-CIBA 2018-2021
2 Development of diagnostics and vaccines for sustainable aquaculture. ICAR-Consortium of Network programme 2015-2020
3 All India Network project on fish health. ICAR-Consortium of Network programme 2015-2021

Serve as a National Referral Laboratory for brackishwater aquaculture diseases and extend technical and policy support to the Government on matters pertaining to aquatic animal health and environment management to improve aquaculture productivity.

Human Resource Development, analytical, testing and consultancy services

Patents granted / applied
  • Jithendran, K.P. and Binesh, C.P. (2019). Development of an assay and kit for molecular screening of Betanodavirus by nested reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (nested RT-PCR). Patent Number: 315677 on 09/07/2019.
Scientist Team



Research Thematic Areas

1.  Inventory on characteristics of brackishwater resources in the country.

Distribution of soil and water health cards to aquaculture farmers.


2.  Developing techniques for enhancing water and soil quality for increasing aquaculture productivity

CIBA OXYplus – Enhancement of dissolved oxygen in aquaculture ponds.


Bioremediation techniques – Soil probiotics for improving pond bottom condition

3.  Developing sampling techniques and portable water analytical kits

Core soil sampler for collection of depth-wise samples from culture ponds


Portable water quality kits – Onsite measurement of dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia, nitrite, calcium, magnesium, total hardness carbonate, bicarbonate total alkalinity.


4.  Sustainable aquaculture planning through environmental impact assessment, monitoring programmes, and carrying capacity estimation

CarryCap online web tool- Estimation of carrying capacity of a source water body


5.  Climate change impacts on aquaculture production systems and contribution of aquaculture to the global warming potential

Floating chamber for collection of greenhouse gases from aquaculture ponds


Vulnerability and risk assessment of brackishwater aquaculture to climate change


6.  Analytical/testing/consultancy services offered/ time taken for each service/cost.

    • Suitability of sites for brackishwater aquaculture – Depends on the extent to be covered
    • Soil and water analysis
    • Environmental impact assessment and monitoring of aquaculture farms – Depends on the extent to be covered
    • Carrying capacity estimation based aquaculture planning – Depends on the extent to be covered
    • Multiparameter and individual water parameter analysis kits

Cost of Multiparameter kit:

Rs 6000 – Direct sale

Rs 6500 – Through courier

Cost of individual kits:

pH                                                                                      Rs. 400

Carbonate, Bicarbonate , Total alkalinity         Rs. 1200

Dissolved oxygen                                                        Rs. 1600

Ammonia                                                                        Rs. 1200

Nitrite                                                                               Rs. 600

Calcium, Magnesium, Total Hardness                Rs. 1000

*Through Courier Rs 100 extra for each kit


Research projects – in operation
No Title Funded By Period
1 Development of technologies for amelioration of pond soil and water quality in brackishwater aquaculture ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
2 Precision brackishwater aquaculture technology using Machine Intelligence DBT 2021-2024
3 NICRA- Developing sustainable adaptive and mitigation strategies for climate smart aquaculture ICAR-NICRA 2021-2026


Research projects – completed recently
No Title Funded By Period
1 NICRA–Impact of climate change on aquaculture and mitigation options for minimizing greenhouse gases from aquaculture sector Indian Council of Agricultural Research 2011-2021
2 Impact assessment of aquaculture on agriculture, coconut gardens, and drinking water in East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh with special reference to salinization. Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh 2019-2020
3 Abiotic stress management for enhanced productivity and environmentally sustainable shrimp farming. ICAR-CIBA 2018-2021
  • Soil and water chemistry laboratory
    • Analysis of basic physico-chemical properties of soil Physico-chemical characterization of water
    • UV spectrophotometer for measurement of nutrients and metabolites
    • Flame photometer for measurement of sodium and potassium
    • Microwave digester – For digestion of sediment, water and animal samples
  • Aqua-Climate laboratory
    • The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated instruments like Kjeltech digestion and distillation System, CHNS analyser, Green House Gases Analyser, TOC analyser, Ion Chromatography and Cyclic Voltammetry.
Scientist Team