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Social Science Division

Research thematic areas

Evaluation of system specific better-fit extension approaches and methodologies for brackishwater aquaculture sustainability, livelihood development models, gender mainstreaming and societal development.

Techno-economic assessment of brackishwater aquaculture systems, technologies, entrepreneurship development and policy research.

Assessment of production, market, trade and development and updation of brackishwater aquaculture database (Aquastat) as repository of information for the sector.

Updation of brackishwater aquaculture database and on-line Aquastat through collection and collation of major data components on various aspects of brackishwater aquaculture viz., Global, Indian and state scenario of brackishwater aquaculture, production and trade statistics etc.

As part of the 75 years of India’s Independence (Azad Ka Amrit Mahotsav) celebrations under CIBA Tribal Sub-Plan and CIBA-SCSP scheme, community development interventions on ‘Diversification of livelihoods for the coastal Scheduled Tribal and Scheduled Caste families through brackishwater aquaculture technologies integrated with agro-based technologies and societal development activities’ at Lakshimipuram tribal Nagar, Kattur and Thonirevu village, Kottaikuppam Panchayat, Pulicat, Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu.

Development and validation Information Communication Technology (ICT) applications for capacity enhancement and extension advisory services for brackishwater aquaculture.

Technology transfer through extension education, training, front-line demonstrations, engaging mass media, and linkage with development departments.

Human Resource Development, stakeholders’ facilitation, and networking.

Research projects – in operation
No Title Funded By Period
1 Communication and socio-economic validation of brackishwater aquaculture technologies for sustainable development ICAR-CIBA 2021-2024
2 Development and Validation of Smart Aquaculture Model (SAM): Application of ICT and Data analytics for sustainable shrimp aquaculture. NASF-ICAR 2019-2022
Research projects – completed recently
No Title Funded By Period
1 Cage Aquaculture in Brackishwaters of Puducherry and Karikal Regions of Puducherry Union Territory – A feasibility study Department of Fisheries, Govt. of Puducherry 2018-2020
2 Sustainable Livelihood Models for resource-poor Fish farmers /Fisherfolk in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu for doubling their income” funded by CPCL CSR, Chennai. CPCL CSR, Manali, Chennai 2018-2020
3 Sustainable livelihood models for resource poor fish farmers/fisherfolk in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu for doubling their income. CPCL CSR, Manali, Chennai 2019-2021
4 Research on socio-economic, front-line extension and information technology for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture sector ICAR-CIBA 2018-2021
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