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ICAR-CIBA celebrated National Fish Farmers Day on 10th July, 2019 with the Costal Fishers of Tamil Nadu and West Bengal

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The ICAR-CIBA celebrated the ‘National Fish Farmers Day’ on 10th July 2019 amidst fishers and fish farmers at Thargas village Sirkazhi Taluk, Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu to commemorate the epoch-making innovation in the field of induced breeding of Indian major carps by the renowned scientists Dr.K.H.Alikunhi and Dr.H.L Chaudhury on this day in 1957. About 90 fishers’ including, women, rural youth, local panchayat leaders participated in the programme and discussions. The participants were sensitized about the cost-effective, sustainable fish farming models of CIBA for the livelihood security of coastal fishers. Further, the participants were briefed about the activities being implemented by CIBA as part of the Mera Gaon Mera Gaurav (MGMG) programme in linking the fishers and villagers with development departments and facilitating to adopt the technologies for doubling the income of fish farmers and fishers in the village. The unemployed youth of the community were urged the to take up suitable sustainable aquaculture activities in tune with the brackishwater resources available in their villages. Shri Bhaskaran and Shri Angazhagan local Panchayat leaders from Thargas village shared their experiences about the fishing activities in  their village and appreciated the efforts of CIBA in promoting brackishwater aquaculture technologies as an alternative livelihood activity for the fishers. Dr C.V.Sairam Principal Scientist and Scientist-In-Charge, Social Sciences Division, Dr. D. Deboral Vimala, and Dr.P.Mahalakshmi, Principal Scientists, Social Sciences Division of CIBA, coordinated the programme.

Kakdwip Research Centre (KRC) of ICAR-CIBA also observed the National Fish Farmers’ Day on 10th July 2019 with the tribal fish farmers at village Mundapara, Manmathapur, Sundarban. Integrated farming of fish farming with livestock and horticulture was highlighted in the discussion with tribal farmers which is environment friendly and generate additional revenue. Tribal Women shared their experiences with integrated poultry and pig-cum- fish farming and desired to expand the culture interventions in coming days with the technical support of ICAR-CIBA. Adoption of brackishwater ornamental fish nursery rearing was proposed by scientists of KRC in underutilized homestead ponds to provide livelihood support to women groups. Shri Pintu Sardar, Gram Panchayat Member of the village was present during the programme and expressed gratefulness for the extension works carried out to uplift the livelihood of the tribal farmers residing in a disadvantageous area by KRC-CIBA. CIBA hatchery produced juveniles of pearlspot and milkfish were released in brackishwater ponds of beneficiary tribal farmers to initiate the culture activities.Dr. T.K. Ghoshal, Principal Scientist and Officer-in-Charge and other scientists of KRC-CIBA coordinated the programme in Sunderban.