February 21, 2020
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Bhatnagar awardee in Fishery biology Prof. TJ Pandian delivered SCAFI Lecture series edition on Fish breeding and Genetics, 1st October 2019 at ICAR-CIBA Chennai

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The Society of the Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi) lecture series at ICAR-CIBA is intended to provide understanding and scientific discussions topics of  importance in fisheries and aquaculture, and to give futuristic perspectives on research and role of science in  day to day life. Prof. (Dr). T. J. Pandian opened up his talk on ‘Fish Breeding and Genetics’ with philosophy of science, starting from logistics, abstract and experimental studies. The lecture highlighted the importance of fish breeding in aquaculture through a series of anecdotes starting from Mendelian law of genetics, and even connecting  how the genetics of haemophilia affected the Queen Victoria kingdom.  Prof. Pandian vividly put forth how the basic knowledge of fish breeding like identification of sex in fishes, breeding habit, various stages of oocyte maturation and reproductive physiology, which can be employed in understanding the spawning and executing hormonal manipulation in breeding. He cited the work done by renowned fisheries scientist such as  Dr. H.L. Chaudary and K.H. Alikunhi on carps, and cited this as an example of team work  on how scientists from different parts of the country, religion and culture have come together, and the importance of the work culture and its relevance  in the conduct of present day research . Prof. Pandian outlined how the idea of genetic improvement in fish, conceived from the first mammal cloned, Dolly, using the process of nuclear transfer and how they had achieved it in fish in much economical way. He had inspired and motivated the scientific staff and scholars of CIBA. The Director of CIBA and the President of SCAFi, Dr. K.K. Vijayan, in his presidential remark, stressed up on the importance of translating the basic science into the applied areas in aquaculture, highlighting the work done by  Prof. (Dr) T.J. Pandian in fish reproduction breeding and selection. Talk elicited active discussion among the audience including scientist, staff and students. 

The meeting was coordinated by the office bearers of Society of the Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi), CIBA, where Dr. K. Ambasankar, Treasurer, welcomed the speaker and gathering, Dr.N.Kalaimani, Secretary-SCAFi introduced the invited speaker.  At the end, Dr. J. Raymond Jani Angel, Joint Secretary SCAFi,  expressed the vote of thanks.