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CMR Feed and Bio Supplements signed an MoU with ICAR-CIBA for acquiring shrimp feed technology, Chennai, 1st November 2019

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The CMR Feed and Bio Supplements, Chennai, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ICAR-CIBA on 1st Nov 2019 for the transfer of shrimp feed (VanamiPlus) technology on a non-exclusive basis. VanamiPlus is one of the sought after cost-effective indigenous feed technology of ICAR-CIBA, which has been brought to the field by several entrepreneurs in the Indian shrimp farming sector.

Dr K. K. Vijayan, Director, CIBA, and  Ms. C. Mohana Rekka, Managing Director, CMR Feeds, and Bio Supplements, Chennai, signed the MoU in the presence of scientists and staff of CIBA and CMR feeds.

According to Dr K K Vijayan, Director, CIBA, India is a major shrimp producer contributing over 60% of seafood exports of the country. In farmed shrimp production, the formulated feed is a major recurring cost, which often ranges from 50 to 60 % of the total cost of production, which directly determines the profitability and sustainability of shrimp aquaculture enterprise.  Technology backstopping efforts by CIBA in the field of Brackishwater aquaculture are providing positive inputs to the sector.  CIBA is happy to be partnering with CMR Feeds and Bio Supplements in the production of cost-effective and quality shrimp feed, which would help the farmers to increase their profits.

Ms. C. Mohana Rekka, MD, CMR Feeds said, though their primary business is in logistics and shipping,  they see lot of prospects for aquaculture as a business in India in which formulated desi feeds will have more business opportunities. Therefore, this long-waited alliance with CIBA comes at the right time, and CMR feeds are happy to associate with ICAR-CIBA.

Dr K. Ambasankar Principal Scientist and team leader for the feed technology briefed about the significance of this MoU and outlined the genesis of this initiative. The MoU will involve the exchange of information on feed biotechnology formulations involving macro and micro-nutritional parameters, feed processing, and testing of identified feed ingredients and finished feeds.  

The event was organized by the Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU) of ICAR-CIBA, where Dr K.P. Kumaraguru vasagam, Principal Scientist welcomed the participants and Dr R. Geetha, Scientist registered the vote of thanks.