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ICAR-CIBA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with M/s SS Traders, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh for marketing of CIBA-Plankton Plus

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 ICAR-CIBA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with M/s SS Traders, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh on 14th December 2020 for marketing of CIBA-Plankton Plus developed by the Nutrition unit of CIBA, Chennai.  CIBA-Plankton Plus is a value added product developed from fish waste/trimmings using a unique technology. In aquaculture ponds especially in shrimp ponds a healthy and consistent plankton bloom is required to get better survival and growth. Many a times, the shrimp and fish farms face issues related to plankton crash and poor primary productivity, which may lead to loss of the crop or reduced growth. CIBA-Plankton Plus is a solution to this issue and the product helps in maintaining a healthy phytoplankton and zooplankton bloom during the culture period. CIBA-Plankton Plus is a micro and macro nutrient rich hydrolysate which enhances the natural productivity of the aquaculture systems. ICAR-CIBA has successfully tested and demonstrated the product in farmer’s ponds in many costal states of India including West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat. CIBA-Plankton Plus in turn increases the productivity by 0.8 to 1.7 tons/ha. M/S M/s SS Traders, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh were using CIBA-Plankton Plus in their previous culture cycles and in shrimp nurseries. Based on the promising results of the cultures they have decided to take up the marketing of CIBA-Plankton Plus

Dr. Debasis De, Principal Scientist, CIBA and team leader of this technology, briefly explained the importance of this product in enhancing the aquaculture production of the country. He shared that the product was made and standardised by performing series of experiments in CIBA and its efficacy in shrimp/fish culture has been tested across the country. M/s SS Traders is an established firm and involved in marketing of many aquaculture inputs like feed, healthcare products etc for the last three decades as well as managing about 100 acres of shrimp farming in Guntur district. The partner of the company Mr Subburaj said that the company was looking for a product for consistent plankton bloom in nurseries and shrimp grow out ponds.

Dr K.K. Vijayan, Director CIBA, highlighted on the importance of this technology in converting the waste to value added products. He says in this particular product is capable of enhancing the aquaculture production in various salinity regimes. He complimented SS Traders for recognising the potential of CIBA in R&D backstopping in brackishwater aquaculture and coming forward to sign the MoU. He also stressed upon the requirement of continued research in fine tuning the products from fish waste

Dr S V Alavandi, Head, AAHED expressed that the technology has the potential in cleaning the fish markets across the country and also in providing alternative livelihood of coastal people.

Mr Jaideep Kumar, Former Deputy Director, Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture, Sirkali, Tamil Nadu shared his experience on the benefit he got using the plankton Plus in previous years Penaeus vannamei culture in Andhra Pradesh. He added that they not only got benefit in shrimp culture pond the product has shown very good result in shrimp hatchery also and they want to use it in fish hatchery.

Mr Sandeep KP, Scientist and member of the research team expressed the potential of the product boosting the natural food organisms in aquaculture systems and scope of research in this novel technology.