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Dr.Pravin Puthra, ADG (Marine fisheries) visited Navsari-Gujarat Research Centre of ICAR-CIBA farm facilities and interacted with SHGs, SC/ST farmers and fisher youth

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Dr.Pravin Puthra, Assistant Director General (Marine fisheries), Indian Council for Agricultural Research, visited the brackishwater aquaculture research and development farm of Navsari-Gujarat Research Centre of ICAR-CIBA, located at Matwad Village, Navsari, Gujarat on 29th August, 2021 and reviewed the on-going activities. The ADG held interactions with women SHGs who were involved in nursery rearing of milk fish and pearlspot at the farm and handed-over the revenue (Rs. 82,900/-) earned by them through the sale of nursery reared Milkfish and Pearl spot seeds. He also presented a cheque to the SC youth self-help-group for an amount of Rs. 2,16,448/- which was realized against the sale of shrimp from the winter farming demonstration undertaken by the NGRC for SC youth.

Later he visited Singod, the tribal village to monitor the Integrated Fish Farming System (IFFS) implemented by NGRC-CIBA with cage culture of fishes in the village pond and horticulture, poultry farming and goat rearing on the periphery of the pond using the pond water was demonstrated by providing critical inputs and training. He appreciated the scientific team at NGRC for their efforts in livelihood upliftment of tribals and suggested that the site has the potential to develop into an aqua-tourism hub. He thanked the community members for their sincere efforts in development of a successful model in the village and wished such fisheries integrated models to spread across the state. He handed-over a cheque for Rs. 60,000 to the beneficiaries against sale of fish and poultry and distributed inputs like life jackets, life bouys, tree saplings etc. Shri. Pankaj A. Patil, Shri. Jose Antony and Shri. Tanweer Hussain Scientists of the NGRC-CIBA coordinated the programme.