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Kannappan, S. Dr

Principal Scientist
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Discipline: Fish Processing Technology
Division: Crustecean Culture Division
Specialization: Fish Processing Technology

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Fax: +91- 044 – 24610311

Brief profile:

After taking masters in Fisheries Science area specialized in Fish processing Technology, 1993 [year] and PhD in Fisheries Microbiology in 2002 (On deputation) I am working in CIBA since 1996 [year] on. I currently work in division of CCD in CIBA. I have worked on the Development of bio-therapeutic agents from marine resources and enhancement of livelihood of coastal fisher folk through aquaculture technologies, I have contributed to . I have interests in Seed production and grow-out practices of native Indian Brackishwater shrimps.

Research areas:

  • Shrimp culture
  • Aquatic microbiology
  • Development of marine therapeutic agents

Current Research Projects:


Funded By
1 Development of inhibitors for controlling quorum sensing marine V.harveyiduring shrimp larviculture DBT
2 Upgradation of breeding and culture technology of Indian White Shrimp Fenneropenaeus Indicus through stock evaluation and culture demonstrations Institute
Recognitions (National & International)

  • Won ICAR Out-standing Interdisciplinary Team Research in Agriculture and Allied Sciences for the year 2011-2012 on “Diversification of Livelihoods among women SHGs through Aquaculture technologies in Tiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts of Tamilnadu”
Best 5 Publications during the Career


  • Gopal Krishna, Gopalapillay Gopikrishna, Chavali Gopal, Shrinivas Jahageerdar, Pitchaiyappan Ravichandran, Sudalyandi Kannappan, Subramaniapillai M. Pillai, Sivagnanam Paulpandi, Remanibhaskaran P. Kirana, Ramamoorthy Saraswati, Gundaboena Venugopal, Dilip Kumar , Thomas Gitterle, Carlos Lozano, Morten Rye, Ben Hayes (2011). Genetic parameters for growth and survival in Penaeus monodon cultured in India. Aquaculture, Vol. 318 (1–2), 74-78.
  • Kannappan, S., Manja, K.S (2011). Efficacy of lactic acid bacteria in the reduction of trimethylamine-nitrogen and related spoilage derivatives of fresh Indian mackerel fish chunks. African Journal of Biotechnology. 10 (1) 42 – 47.
  • Jithendran, K. P. Shekhar, M.S., Kannappan S and Azad, I.S (2011). Nodavirus Infection in Freshwater Ornamental Fishes in India: Diagnostic Histopathology and Nested RT-PCR. Asian Fisheries Science 24:12-19.
  • Moorthy G, Sastry TP, Murugan G D, Kannappan S, Suguna L (2012). Sun light mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles as carrier for 6-mercaptopurine: Preparation, characterization and toxicity studies in zebrafish embryo model. Material Research Bulletin. 47 (9) 2113- 2119.
  • Sivakumar K, Kannappan S (2013). Inhibitory effect of marine algae collected from the East and West coast of India against luciferase and luminescence producing Vibrio harveyi. Afri. J. Biotechnol. 12 (22) 3493- 3502


Best 3 Publications during last 3 years


  • Kannappan S, Sivakumar K and Patil PK (2013). Effect of garlic extract on the luciferase, bio-luminescence, virulence factors produced by Vibrio harveyi with a challenge during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afr. J. Microbiol Res. 7 (18) 1766 -1779.
  • Kannappan S, Sivakumar K, Patil PK (2013). Extraction and detection of N-acyl homoserine lactones from shrimp pathogen Vibrio harveyi and antagonistic effect of terrestrial plants against its growth. Afri J. Microbiol Res. 7 (26) 3275- 3284.
  • Sivakumar K, Kannappan S , Dinesh kumar M, Patil PK (2014) Antagonism of marine macro alga Kappaphycus alvarezii extract against luminescence disease causing Vibrio harveyi during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afri. J. Microbiol. Research. 8 (6) 458- 469.
  • Sivakumar K, Kannappan S, Dineshkumar M & Patil PK (2014). Evaluation of marine macro alga, Ulva fasciata against bio-luminescent causing Vibrio harveyi during Penaeus monodon larviculture. Afri J. Microbiol Res. 8 (8) 803 – 813.