January 17, 2019
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Kumararaja, P. Shri

Discipline : Soil Science-Soil Chemistry/Soil fertility/Soil microbiology
Division : Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division
Specialization : Soil Science-Soil Chemistry/Soil fertility/Soil microbiology

Contact me:

Phone : +91- 044 – 24618817 Ext:419
Fax : +91- 044 – 24610311
Email : kumararajapss@gmail.com

Research areas:

  • Improvement of Pond bottom and water quality by chemical means.
  • Product development for dissolved oxygen enhancement in pond water.
  • Carbon sequestration through biochar from pond sediment sludge.

Brief profile:

After taking Masters in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 2005 and PhD in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 2015 I am working in CIBA since 2013 on “Treatments for improvement of pond bottom and water quality. I currently work in division of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division in CIBA. I have worked on oxiding agents for enhancing the organic matter degradation, environmental monitoring of shrimp and fish farms.I have contributed to development of improved methods of pond preparation. I have interests in pond bottom sediment quality improvement by Advanced Oxidation Technology. Pond water quality management by biopolymer based adsorbents and ion exchange materials. Efficient and economic utilization of sludge by converting to biochar and use it as amendment for removal of nutrients from discharge water.

Current Research Projects (3 important ones):

No Title Funded By
1 To develop and evaluate the treatments for pond bottom and water quality improvement. Institute
2 National Initiatives on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA) – Impact of climate change on aquaculture and mitigation options for minimizing green house gases from aquaculture sector. ICAR
3 Development of Integrated multitrophic aquaculture systems in Sindudhurg district, Maharastra Ministry of Environment and Forest, GOI.


Recognitions (National & international level)
  • Gold medal for standing first in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry during M.Sc. at Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Best paper award for “ Modified bentonite for adsorptive removal of heavy metals from aqeous system by Kumararaja, P., Manjaiah, K.M., and Datta, S.C. in National Conference Advances in Applied chemical Sciences and Materials Technology” (ACSMT 2014) at Bharathidasan Institute of Technology, Anna University, Trichy, 17 - 18, October 2014.
  • Best oral presentation award for Kumararaja, P. and Manjaiah, K.M. . Adsorptive removal of heavy metals from aqueous solutions by starch-g-poly (acrylic acid)/sodium bentonite composite. National Conference on Advances in Process Engineering at SASTRA University, Thanjavur, 10-11 October 2014.
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