July 15, 2019
+91-44-24618817, 24616948
Faculty Member


Prasanna Kumar Patil. Dr

Principal Scientist
Discipline: Veterinary Microbiology
Division: Aquatic Animal Health and Environment Division
Specialization: Veterinary Microbiology

Contact Me

Phone: +91- 044 – 24618817 Ext:130
Fax: +91- 044 – 24610311

Brief profile:

After taking masters in Veterinary Virology in 1993 and PhD in Veterinary Virology in 2000 [year] I am working in CIBA since 2009 [year] on Shrimp Health. I currently work in division of Aquatic Animal Health and Environment in CIBA. I have worked on development of immune stimulants from microbial and plant origin at commercial scale . I have contributed to commercialize the vibrio bacterin based immunostimulant for applications in shrimp grow out cultures. I have interests in development of safe and effective therapeutics and development of medicines for hatchery and grow out shrimp culture. I am working as technical consultant for number of projects like, development of aquaculture diagnostic laboratory, development of probiotics, establishment shrimp hatchery and biodynamic preparations, antibiotic residue monitoring in aquatic environments etc. In Agri business Incubators project I am helping technology commercialization and entrepreneurship development.

Research areas:

  • Invertebrate Immunology
  • Environmental Microbiology
  • Therapeutics and prophylactics

Current Research Projects:

Funded By
1 All India Network Project on Fish Health ICAR
2 Consortia Platform on Diagnostics and Vaccines ICAR
3 Aquatic animal diseases and intervention tools for their management ICAR
Best 5 Publications during the Career


  • Patil, P.K., Bayry, .J, Ramakrishna, C., Hugar, B., Misra, L.D., Prabhudas, K., Natarajan, C., 2002. Immune responses of sheep to quadrivalent double emulsion foot-and-mouth disease vaccines: rate of development of immunity and variations among other ruminants. J Clin. Microbiol. 40, 4367-4371.
  • Patil, P.K., Mondal, B., Goel, A.C., Sharma, B., 1997. Potency testing of tissue culture rinderpest vaccine in rabbits. Vaccine 15, 608-611.
  • Patil, P.K., Bayry, J., Ramakrishna, C., Hugar, B., Misra, L.D., Natarajan, C., 2002. Immune responses of goats against foot-and-mouth disease quadrivalent vaccine: comparison of double oil emulsion and aluminium hydroxide gel vaccines in eliciting immunity. Vaccine20, 2781-2789.
  • Patil, P.K., Sajjanar, C.M., Natarajan, C., Bayry, J., 2014. Neutralizing antibody responses to foot-and-mouth disease quadrivalent (type O, A, C and Asia 1) vaccines in growing calves with pre-existing maternal antibodies. Vet. Microbiol. 169, 233-235.
  • Patil, P.K., Suryanarayana, V., Bist, P., Bayry, J., Natarajan, C., 2002.Integrity of GH-loop of foot-and-mouth disease virus during virus inactivation: detection by epitope specific antibodies. Vaccine 20, 1163-1168.


Best 3 Publications during the last 3 years


  1. Patil, P.K., Gopal, C., Panigrahi, A., Rajababu, D., Pillai, S.M., 2014. Oral administration of formalin killed Vibrio anguillarum cells improves growth and protection against challenge with Vibrio harveyi in banana shrimp. Lett. Appl. Microbiol. 58, 213-218.
  2. Patil, P.K., Muralidhar, M., Solanki, H.G., Patel, P.P., Patel, K., Gopal, C., 2016. Effect of culture intensity and probiotics application on microbiological and environmental parameters in Litopenaeus vannamei culture ponds. J Environ. Biol. 37, 21-29.
  3. Garg, R., Patil, P.K., Singh, S.V., Sharma, S., Gandham, R.K., Singh, A.V., Filia, G., Singh, P.K., Jayaraman, S., Gupta, S., Chaubey, K.K., Tiwari, R., Saminathan, M., Dhama, K., Sohal, J.S., 2015. Comparative Evaluation of Different Test Combinations for Diagnosis of Mycobacterium aviumSubspecies paratuberculosis Infecting Dairy Herds in India. Biomed. Res. Int. 983978.