January 17, 2019
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Shanthi.B. Ms.Dr

Principal Scientist
Discipline: Home Science Extension
Division: Social Sciences Division
Specialization: Gender studies aquaculture extension

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Phone: +91- 044 – 24618817 Ext:121
Fax: +91- 044 – 24610311

Brief profile:

After taking masters in Home Science Extension in 1989, Mphil (family resource management) in 2000 and phd in Home Science Extension in 2002. I am working in ciba since 2001. I currently work in division of Social Science Division in ciba. I have worked on gender studies in aquaculture & fisheries. I have contributed to Gender Studies in Aquaculture & Fisheries, Aquaculture Extension & Social Science Research & Transfer of Technologies to the Clientile. I have interests in Gender Studies in Aquaculture & Fisheries & Family Farming in Aquaculture.

Research areas:

  • Gender studies in aquaculture & fisheries
  • Aquaculture extension & social science research
  • Transfer of technologies to the clientile

Current Research Projects:

Funded By
1 Diversification of livelihoods among women self help groups through coastal aquaculture technologies DBT
2 Assessment on the impact of environmental changes on the livlihoods of coastal women in Tamil Nadu ICSSR
3 Research and developmental interventions for sustainable brackishwater aquaculture Institute
Recognitions (National & International)


  • Awarded the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, England – 1987. (silver standard of duke of edinburgh’s award) - International Award.
  • Awarded the ICAR Team Research Award, New Delhi. (for outstanding multi- disciplinary team research in agriculture and allied sciences - 1997 -1998). National Award.
  • Awarded the K. Chidambaram Memorial Award – 2008, (for extension work and women’s empowerment) – Society Award.
  • Honour Received from the Central Govt. Staff Co-operative Thrift & Credit Society ltd., chennai – 2015. (for receiving the national award for outstanding achievement).


Best 5 Publications during the Career


  • B. Shanthi, V.S.Chandrasekaran, M. Kailasam, M. Muralidar,T. Ravisankar, C. Sarada and M. Krishnan. ‘Aquaculture as an action programme:An exercise in building confidence and self worth’. Aquaculture Asia Magazine, Thailand, October – December 2005,. Vol X No.4, pp 10 – 13.
  • B. Shanthi, M. Krishnan and A.G. Ponniah. 2012. Successful Women Entrepreneurs in Aquaculture: Case Studies from Tamil Nadu, India. Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries: Moving the Agenda Forward. Asian Fisheries Science Special Issue Vol. 255 (2012): 177-185 @Asian Fisheries Society, Malaysia.
  • B. Shanthi, K. Ambasankar, M. Krishnan, C.P. Balasubramaniam, S. Kannappan, V.S.Chandrasekaran, K.Merline Jayamalar and G. Gayathri. 2010. Crab Fattening: A Livelihood Option for the Coastal Women Self Help Groups. 2010. Fishery Technology. Vol 47 (2), pp: 185 -188.
  • B. Shanthi and M. Jayanthi. 2006. Empowering Fisherwomen in Coastal Sectors – A Strategy for Improving Farming. J. Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research. Publication of Indian Society of Coastal Agricultural Research. Kolkata . Pp-306 – 309.
  • B. Shanthi, S. Kannappan, V.S.Chandrasekaran, M. Krishnan, K. Ambasankar and C.P. Balasubramaniam. 2010. Building market linkages for the value added fish products developed by the coastal women Self Help Groups. Fishing Chimes.Vol.30.No.8 / November 2010.


Best 3 Publications during last 3 years
  1. B. Shanthi. 2013. Indian women scientist empowers the women tribals. Cited in Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries.http://genderaquafish.org/.
  2. B. Shanthi, V.S. Chandrasekaran, S.M. Pillai, M. Kailasam, K. Ambasankar and P. Mahalakshimi. 2013. Development of Alternate Livelihood Opportunities among the Scheduled Tribal Women Self Help Groups through Aquaculture Integrated with Agro - based Technologies. Fishing Chimes Vol. 33 No. 3 / June 2013.
  3. B. Shanthi. 2013. Gender Equality in the Fishery Sector. A report. Call to Action? Survey Highlights the Shortcomings of Business-as-Usual in Addressing Gender Equality in the Fishery Sector. Agnew Street, Aspley, Queensland, Australia 403. MERYL J WILLIAMS1* and POH SZE CHOO2. MerylJWilliams@gmail.com 2Asian Fisheries Society, c/o Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Institute of Bioscience, University Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Malaysia