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Overview of the conference

Fish is one of the most-traded food commodities worldwide with more than half of the global production coming from developing countries. World per capita fish supply peaked at 20 kg in 2014, mainly due to developments in aquaculture. Fisheries and aquaculture are expected to contribute significantly to the food security and nutrition for the projected global population of 9.7 billion by 2050. Brackishwater aquaculture, particularly shrimp farming, is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing food producing sectors contributing substantially to the economy and sustainability of coastal communities worldwide. Sustainable development of aquaculture, especially brackishwater aquaculture, should be planned in harmony with the ecosystem that supports farming systems. The dynamics of the estuarine ecosystem and related factors such as environment, climate change and man – made ecosystem alteration etc., can play a crucial role in aquaculture in these resources. Modern day aquaculture is rapidly evolving with the support of scientific innovations and technological support in the areas of genetics, breeding and stock improvement, nutrition and feed biotechnology, disease and health management, farm management and social aspects. Consumers are extremely conscious of the quality of food they eat and the way it is produced. Therefore, environmentally benign farming is essential for the success of aquaculture ventures. BRAQCON 2019 is expected to “THINK GLOBALLY” for development of aquaculture with strong R&D inputs, and “ACT LOCALLY” for implementing responsible fisheries and aquaculture.