In intensive shrimp aquaculture practices, build-up of toxic nitrogenous metabolites leads to stress, poor growth, increased susceptibility to infections and loss of production. Maintaining optimum environmental parameters will help higher production and economic returns. To mitigate the deteriorating environmental quality in aquaculture ponds, ICAR-CIBA has developed a formulation for management of ammonia, with safe and natural microbial consortia selected through our arduous effort in R&D.

The Technology
  • Innovative combination of autotrophic ammonia, nitrite oxidizing and heterotrophic denitrifying bacterial consortia from brackishwater environments.
  • Microbes have been selected based on their fast growth, high yield and enhanced detoxification efficiency under standard conditions.
  • Mass production protocols were economised and standardised.
  • Multiple field trials conducted in shrimp ponds at various locations of Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu proved the efficiency of microbial consortia in reducing ammonia and total ammonia nitrogen.

Technology Benefits
  • Developed with indigenous microbes isolated from local brackishwater environment hence it works best in Indian shrimp farming systems.
  • Effectively removes nitrogenous wastes form aquaculture ponds with salinities ranging from 15-45 ppt.
  • Regular application of the product will keep ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels below the maximum permissible levels and enhance aquaculture productivity.
  • Mass production facility may be established with investment of about ` 5,00,000 and cost of production can be below ` 100/l.

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