ICAR- CIBA developed cost effective feed for vannamei shrimp: A boon for shrimp farmers

The Pacific white shrimp, Litopenaeus vannamei has become the most sought after shrimp species by the shrimp farming community in India ever since this species has been introduced way back in 2009 and has become the main species cultured in brackishwater. The growth of L.vannamei has been stupendous from a production of about 18247 MT from 2930 ha in 2010-11, the L.vannamei production reached 353413 MT in 2014-15 registering an increase of 1837% in production. The boom period for vannamei farming began in the late 2011, when shrimp prices were very good, and the positive trend continued till early 2014 and thereafter showing a stagnant and/or decreased production. This decreased production coupled with spiralling hike in all input prices particularly the feed prices has made a significant impact on the profitability of the shrimp farming. The cost of production of shrimp has increased from Rs. 180 per kg of shrimp in the year 2010 to Rs. 280 per kg. In this context, CIBA has focussed research on development of cost effective grow out feed for the vannamei shrimp, using indigenous ingredients. The cost effective feed prepared at the institute pilot scale feed mill facilities at Muttukkadu experimental station of CIBA. This feed has been tested in a farmer’s (Mr. Manojbhai Patel) pond at Samapur village , Jalapore taluk in Navsari district of Gujarat and compared against the commonly used commercial shrimp feed. The CIBA feed has good attractability and palatability as revealed by the farmers. The cost of the commercial feed available to the farmer was about Rs.78 per Kg while the cost of feed (inclusive of cost of ingredients + processing and transportation cost) to the farmer was Rs. 54 per kg. At the end of 117 days of culture the results showed that shrimps have attained an average final body weight of 27.1 g in the pond fed with CIBA feed while the control pond shrimps have attained the final body weight of about 24.6g. The total quantity of shrimp harvested was about 2017kg in the CIBA feed fed pond while it was about 1913 kg in the control pond fed with commercial feed. The FCR obtained was 1.68 with CIBA feed and 1.79 in the commercial feed. Interestingly the feed cost to produce one kg shrimp was Rs.91 with CIBA feed against Rs.140 in the commercial feed. This could be potential saving for the shrimp farmers and would pave the way for considerable reduction in production cost with better profitability for small and medium farmers. These results showed that the indigenous vannamei grow-out feed developed by CIBA could be cost-effective and able to be an import substitute to bring down the cost of production and increase the profitability of Indian shrimp farmers. Pacific White shrimp, L. vannamei produced using ICAR-CIBA developed cost effective feed.

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