CIBASTIM – Shrimp Growth Promoter

Culture intensification with high stocking density is the key for economic success. Overcrowding leads to stress and diseases. Immune stimulation is key for disease prevention and growth promotion

Features of CIBASTIM

  • Selected microbial based product for application along with feed as top dressing
  • Indigenous technology
  • Safe for application
  • Cost effective compared imported products
  • Easy to apply
CIBASTIM Technology transferred/Commercialized
  • Rajshree bio solution Pvt Limited, Theni- with value of Rs. 2037600, and 3 % royalty
  • Licensing for international trade in progress
  • Impacts of CIBASTIM
  • Increased Shrimp Production – 89.51 lakh tons
  • Increased production due to technology- Rs.1,290 crores

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