Shrimp LarviPlus

Larval feeds are currently imported & costing Rs.1500 to 3000/kg. ICAR-CIBA has developed cost effective indigenous larval feed of superior quality. These feeds are import substitutes saving valuable foreign exchange to the country.

The technology

  • Contains 55% crude proteins and 12% lipid.
  • Ingredients with high digestibility.
  • Enriched with optimal conc. EPA and DHA
  • Micro-particulate size of 200-300, 300-400 and 400-500 μm
  • Spheronized feed 300 and 500 μm
  • Tested in commercial vannamei hatcheries; performance as par with imported feeds
Technology Benefits
  • Alternate for expensive multi-national brands.
  • Cost for setting up manufacturing unit : about Rs. 2 Crores; cost of production 60% economical than other leading brands.
Technology Transfer
M/s. Marine Technologies (Maritech), Chennai

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