Modular system based seed production technology for Pearlspot (Etroplus suratensis)

Pearlspot (Etroplus suratensis) is delicacy in some of the Indian states like, Kerala. Due to its omnivorous feeding habit, farming, of this fish does not need huge investment. This fish can be cultured in fertilized pond with green water system and low cost/farm made feed. Low fecundity of pearlspot makes the expansion of its culture challenging. ICAR-CIBA has developed innovative low cost model for backyard breeding and seed production of pearlspot.

The technology

  • Reducing parental care,increase the breeding frequency in pearl spot under controlled condition.
  • Easy breeding and seed collection methods have been established.
  • Cost effective modular breeding system and portable type can be established any place.
  • Increased number of seed production per breeding cycle by using a single pair of parents.
Technology Benefits
  • Low input cost,can be easily adopted by small and medium scale aqua farmers and self-help groups as homestead activity.
  • Regular income can be generated by attending as part-time activity.
  • Pearlspot seed can be sold not only for farming purpose but also for aquarium purpose.
Technology Transfer
  • Mr. Bijoy K. B. Kerala
  • Mr. A. Baburaj, Kerala

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