Despite following Better Management Practices (BMPs) luminescent bacterial disease (LBD) caused by bacteria belonging to Vibrio spp are known to cause considerable economic loss to shrimp hatcheries world over. Use of antibiotics to control vibriosis in aquaculture pose issues of tissue residues and antibiotic resistance, and hence the development of alternative safer technologies using biocontrol agents has become an necessity. ICAR-CIBA has developed safe and effective technology using bacteriophages for biocontrol of luminescent bacterial disease in shrimp hatcheries. Bacteriophages or phages in short are viruses that selectively infect and kill bacteria.

The technology

  • Developed using bacteriophages capable of selectively infecting and killing luminescent bacteria of Vibrio species
  • Bacteriophages have been selected from a pool of over 35 phages having lytic activity against over 350 luminescent bacterial isolates
  • Culture conditions optimized for yield of 1012 cfu/ml of bacteriophages in 18 hrs in pilot scale fermenter.
  • Contains consortia of four bacteriophages having broad spectrum anti-vibro activity.
Technology Benefits
  • Works both as prophylactic and therapeutic.
  • Can be stored at 4°C for a year without losing titres
  • Compatible to use along with probiotics
  • Self-replicating, hence low dose sufficient
  • Can kill pathogenic vibrios hiding in biofilms
  • Completely organic and absolutely safe

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