Water quality kits

Maintenance of water quality parameters in optimum level is critical for successful aquaculture operations. It is essential to monitor pH, dissolved oxygen (DO) and the toxic metabolites like ammonia and nitrite which are critical for the survival of aquatic animals. During the culture knowing the concentration of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in pond waters helps in avoiding unnecessary application of minerals and reducing the cost of production. Different kits have been developed for detection of these parameters in aquaculture and related aquatic environment. Regular monitoring of these parameters in hatcheries and grow-out farms will help in taking up immediate measures for preventing the economic loss.

The Technology
pH & DO Kit

  • kit for the analysis of pH and dissolved oxygen
  • Range of measurement: pH 2 to 9
CMH kit
  • Kit for the analysis of calcium magnesium and total hardness in pond waters of varying salinity 0 to 40 ppt.
AmNi kit
  • Kit for the analysis of ammonia and nitrite in water samples
  • Range of detection - 0.1 to 5 ppm
CBA kit
  • For the analysis of carbonate# bicarbonate and total alkalinity in different source and pond waters.

  • Technology Benefits
    • Higher accuracy and sensitivity
    • Less requirement of water sample
    • Increased shelf life of the reagents
    • Cost effectiveness
    • Wider range of detection and can be used in freshwater, brackishwater and coastal waters.
    • Useful for regular monitoring of water parameters in hatcheries and grow-out cultures
    • User-friendly and can be used in the laboratories and field

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