CIBA-SCAFi Lecture Series: Dr.George Chamberlain, President, Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), USA, delivered an invited Lecture on “Technological Advances in Global Shrimp farming” on 1st May, 2018, at CIBA, Chennai

Dr.George Chamberlain opened up his talk by touching up on the importance of seafood and production scenarios and related challenges. Globally, the growing awareness on the health benefits of seafood is creating increased demand for farmed shellfish and finfishes across the globe. Being one of the leading producers of farmed shrimp, India has a major role to play in keeping the sustainability in production, he said. He further highlighted with data that India has quadrupled its shrimp production since 2010, with the introduction of exotic specific pathogen free (SPF) shrimp, the Penaeus vannamei. He further pointed that, India can achieve newer heights in shrimp production, through the adoption of new technologies, new investments and new markets. However, he cautioned that the challenges such as emerging and prevalent diseases, antibiotic residues, social issues, fishmeal availability, hazardous algal blooms, farm discharges and effluents are to be reckoned with, while expansion and intensification of shrimp aquaculture by any nation.

In biological production systems, such as agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, social responsibility in terms of compliance standards for producer and consumer safety, certification/traceability woven food safety and environmental sustainability are the pillars, and in the case of shrimp farming they are all the more important. He opined that ICAR-CIBA and SCAFi, with the involvement of the state governments can play an important role in creating awareness among the shrimp farmers, to adopt better management practices of shrimp farming and importance of traceability. Efficiencies in shrimp breeding for improved growth, disease resistance, new alternatives for fish meal, feed attractants, water use, energy use and labour use, with proper biosecurity and quarantine systems are the keys for profitable shrimp farming, he articulated. The meeting was coordinated by the office bearers of Society of the Coastal Aquaculture and Fisheries (SCAFi), CIBA, where Dr.S.Kannappan, Secretary welcomed the gathering. Dr Chamberlain was facilitated by the director in-Charge CIBA, later Dr.M.Kumaran, Treasurer expressed the vote of thanks.

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