Tech. commercialisation

Technology commercialized

  • Micro-analysis kit for the estimation of ammonia and nitrite was commercialized to Shrimpex Biotech Services. The technology has successfully been scaled up from July 2008 and more than 1500 kits have been supplied in various parts of the country by the entrepreneur till date.
  • A bacterial consortium has been commercialized for the development of bioaugmentor for ammonia removal.
  • Salinity dependent pH and dissolved oxygen kits have been developed for accurate and sensitive detection of wide range of these important parameters in a variety of water samples (freshwater, brackishwater and coastal waters) in laboratory and field condition as well. It has been commercialized to Itarsi based Entreprise and is being marketed under the brand name FisherMan's.
  • Shrimp feed additives: The Vitamin & Mineral Mixtures developed by CIBA for penaeid shrimp have been transferred to M/s. Marine Technologies, Chennai for commercial production and marketing. (Dr.S.A.Ali)
  • Micro-brackishwater analysis Kit, commercialized to Shrimpex Biotech Services, Chennai. (Dr.K.K.Krishnani)
  • Matrix (CIBAX-1) for immobilization of probiotic bacteria technology commercialized to Shrimpex Biotech Services, Chennai, on non exclusive basis. (Dr.K.K.Krishnani)
  • The indigenous shrimp feed technology developed by CIBA has been commercialized to the following private establishments: (Dr.S.A.Ali)
  • Bismi Feeds (P) Ltd., Deen Complex, O.S.M. Nagar, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam Dist., Tamil Nadu.
  • M/s Pisciculture Care Unit, Village Madhubati, P.O. Kamarpukur, Hoogly Distrcit, Pin-712612, West Bengal.           

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