National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture - CIBA

Events organised

A total of tweleve programmes (8 Focus group meetins and 4 Stakeholders workshops) were organised in the operating states of NICRA project namely Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal. Altogether 1150 participants including aquafarmers and different stakeholders of brackishwater aquaculture were actively participated in the programmes and provided first hand information on climatological changes and their impacts on brackihswater aquaculture.
Focus group meetings
Thirukarugavur, Tamil Nadu Akivedu, Andhra Pradesh
Thottapalli, Kerala Madan ganj, Namkhana, West Bengal
Stakeholders workshops
Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh
Allpuzha, Kerala Daimond Harbour , West Bengal