National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture - CIBA

Facilities Created

 Green house gas analyser


The green house gases (GHG) analyzer quantifies the methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide gases simultaneously and automatically from air, water and soil samples.  It confirms to International safety standards.  The area reproducibility of auto sampler was 0.3 percent RSD and injection volume linearity showed a 99 percent correlation. The column operating temperature ranged from near ambient to 450°C with a temperature set point resolution of 1°C. It has provision to adjust the pressure in increments of 0.001 psi. It allows flow programming and is possible to program minimum of 3 flow or pressure ramps. It is possible to program 15 temperature ramp and minimum of 15plateau. It has RT repeatability of less than 0.0012 and area repeatability of less than 1.0% RSD. The detectors in the instrument respond to most organic compounds and minimum detectable limit is less than 6fm/mL lindane


Multi-parameter water quality analyser


The instrument helps in simultaneous measurement and display of water quality parameters; pH, temperature, oxidation-reduction potential, depth, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity.The display was rugged and water proof.  The backlight facility allows the data to be viewed under any conditions. The instrument can be used to monitor the water quality in rivers, estuaries, aquaculture ponds and also for use in polluted or non-polluted waters. It has internal memory capable of storing more than 1,00,000 readings as a standard. The software allows to operate through PC for downloading the data and to calibrate the sonde at appropriate time.