National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture - CIBA

Project team

Name of the PI





Overall coordination of the project, Greenhouse gases emission from aquaculture ponds, Life cycle analysis of aquaculture supply chain, and mitigation options to minimize the GHGs



Associates with responsibilities assigned



  1. Dr.M. Jayanthi - Impact of sea level rise on aquaculture, Weather parameters mapping using RS and GIS tools 
  2. Dr.J. Syama Dayal - Nutrition interventions for abiotic stress salinity, studies on fish meal and fish oil replacement in shrimp feed
  3. Dr.A. Panigrahi - Culture and hatchery technology, Temperature variations on reproductive performance in shrimps
  4. Dr.M. Kumaran - Farmers and stakeholders perceptions towards climate change and developing adaptation measures
  5. Dr.R. Saraswathy - Carbon budgeting in aquaculture ponds
  6. Sh.J. Ashok Kumar - Modeling of meteorological weather parameters to assess the impact of climate change on aquaculture
  7. Dr.K. Vinaya Kumar - Methanogenesis bacteria
  8. Dr.N. Lalitha - Microbial biomass and evaluation of Anamaox process
  9. Dr.A. Nagavel - Conducting field and laboratory experiments, Collection of field samples and secondary data

Senior Research Fellows

  1. D.Thulasi
  2. V.Chitra