Flow cytometer

Equipment: BD Accuri C6 Plus flow cytometer

Main components:  The C6 Plus cytometer is composed of fluidics, optics, and electronics subsystems that work together to analyze cells.

The two-laser (Blue laser 488 nm, Red laser 640 nm), six-parameter flow cytometer is composed of fluidics, optics, and electronics systems.

Working principle:

The unique fluidics system of BD Accuri flow cytometers, driven by peristaltic pumps, allows them to determine sample volume, as well as count cells, directly. This feature speeds and simplifies cell analysis by calculating cell concentrations (per unit sample volume).

Application: Estimation of genome size is one of the application.

User instruction: Estimation of genome size will be carried out only in ready to use  processed samples provided by the end user.


Flow cytometer per sample charges (excluding tax) for estimating genome size Industry University and National Lab/R&D’s
10000 8000

Additional Information:

  1. How many days before the user Scientist is to be contacted?
  • At least 2 weeks
  1. How the sample is to be prepared and analysed?
  • The sample preparation which is tissue and organism specific has to be carried out by the user as per their set and standard protocols.
  1. How many days are required to analyze the sample?
  • 1 day for analysis.
  1. How the data is stored?
  • After analysis the result is stored in the respective software.